When you purchase this product from NIGHTSONG PRODUCTIONS, the music is licensed, not sold to you.

The music, and all copyright interest contained in all NIGHTSONG PRODUCTIONS, is owned exclusively and in their entirety, by NIGHTSONG PRODUCTIONS.

All applicable U.S. and International copyright laws apply.

The rights conveyed in this agreement are non-transferable.   You may not sell, sublicense, loan, give, or transfer any part of NIGHTSONG PRODUCTIONS music or a copy thereof except in accordance with the permitted use in a production created by you. Any attempt to do so will result in criminal prosecution in accordance with copyright laws.

The music content may not be sold as a stand-alone or main content product, and must be used in conjunction with other medium, such as video, film or multimedia.

You may produce and sell a product that contains music from the NIGHTSONG PRODUCTIONS library without any additional licensing fees providing the end user of your product is restricted from obtaining direct access to the music for personal use.

If the music is to be used in any type of large scale, mass-market program or promotion, an additional license must be secured from NIGHTSONG PRODUCTIONS.

The music may be used on the Internet for demo of your product only, and in a manner that the music content may not be downloaded in its entirety.

If any music content of NIGHTSONG PRODUCTIONS are to be used in any type of theatrical or television production, the appropriate “cue” sheet must be filled out and filed with the corresponding performing rights organization that monitors the public performance of music in your country. Licensee will not incur additional fees.

All NIGHTSONG PRODUCTION music is composed by Michael Aiken and registered with BMI.

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